The World's First Patented Ergonomic Gaming Glove

Boost your performance & eliminate wrist pain.  


How have I not seen this before? OMG I'm so happy with the product it is insane! Why don't I see streamers using it more? This is crazy! I can't believe how this is not viral yet!!

United Kingdom United Kingdom


I initially thought it would cut off the rotation completely but I can move my wrist freely and get better aim because it is in a controlled movement.

Australia Australia


The performance increase from the glove & sleeve combo is crazy and far beyond what I expected!

Canada Canada


My English not best but with glove I play much better my Apex playing has improved a lot. I feel much better control.

Japan Japan

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Experience truly frictionless gaming. Our gaming gloves are equipped with premium low-friction teflon to unlock the full potential in your mouse movement. Experience the difference and watch as your speed and accuracy increases instantly.

Eliminate wrist pain completely.

The Flashe gaming glove elevates your wrist to give it a fully optimized angle. Don't let long sessions damage your long-term performance.

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Angle improvement helps a lot!

"I love the angle improvement! I have previously used mousepads with gel that lift the hand so you will get a better angle, but that always limits my movements and I can not play good with it. With the glove it has it built on, so I have the good angle everywhere that I move my arm, great function! The teflon on the bottom is also awesome :D"

- Jonas, Denmark


Freakin wild lol!

"I just got the pre-order for the original version and it's pretty freakin wild lol. That's all I got. I love wearing it and I especially love it when my wife walks by and see it and I get the eye roll lol."

- Phillip, USA

The World's First Ergonomic Gaming Glove

Experience truly frictionless glide & eliminate wrist pain completely.