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PTFE arm-compression gaming sleeve


Reduced friction for easier and faster movements

While gaming you start, stop, and switch direction with your mouse endless times, and that is why it is very important to reduce the friction towards the surface as much as possible. Since the underside is completely covered with PTFE, you can move your arm and mouse easier, faster, and with more precision than ever before



Optimal for Esports

Studies show that there are multiple advantages when it comes to compression clothing. Compression mainly increases blood flow, which increases oxygen uptake to the working muscles, reduces lactic acid levels, and regulates the body temperature. 


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Gaming Glove™


Reduced Friction For Faster and Easier Movements

Covered with the same friction reducing material (PTFE) that you can find on the underside of your computer mouse.

Move your wrist faster, easier, and with more precision than ever before.

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Ergonomic design

Built-in incline for an optimal Angle Towards The Mouse

Today’s typical use of a computer mouse does not provide you with a healthy angle for the wrist. This leads to poor mouse movement and in turn injuries. 

Perfect precision

Rotation support

In gaming, precision is extremely important, and with the present technology; there is no tool to assist precision while playing computer games - until now. 

The rotation support ensures that your link between the Flashe Gaming Glove and the computer mouse is not lost, to ensure a smoother movement, and to allow you to become one with your mouse. Besides that, the rotation support provides you with a controlled movement for perfect precision, and once again, reduced friction, while rotating the mouse.

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Standard Gaming Sleeve™

Compression gaming sleeve for increased blood circulation

Perfect for your keyboard arm, or inside the gaming glove


The Flashe Gaming Sleeve™ induces compression which in turn helps with blood circulation, body temperature, reduced muscle stress, and faster recovery. Compression mainly increases bloodflow, which increases oxygen uptake to the working muscles, reduce lactic acid levels, and regulates the body temperature. If lactic acid is not removed from the muscles, it can contribute to soreness and decreased ability to perform. The compression also helps by regulating your body temperature, which is particularly good if you’re playing games and it’s hot or cold in your surroundings. With the Flashe Gaming Sleeve™ you can have a long and healthy gaming career at your peak level.

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Backed by Scientists

Italian Trulli

Multiple styles & colors

The Gaming Glove comes in three different models: Original, Esport, and Office.

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Specifically designed for gamers

The World's First Ergonomic Gaming Glove

In gaming, 0.1s can be the difference between Victory or Defeat. With the Flashe Gaming Glove we aim to help you increase your performance to attain the margins you need, and to prevent you from getting injured.

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