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    The World's First Performance Enhancing Gaming Glove

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    Not only is my wrist pain completely gone, but the amazing glide is something that I cannot live without at this point.

    Tobias, Sweden


    Proud backer of Flashe's Kickstarter campaign and couldn't be happier about how well the gaming glove has worked for me. Brilliant product!

    John, United Kingdoms


    The performance increase from the glove & sleeve combo is crazy and far beyond what I expected!

    Ben, Canada

    Successfully funded on Kickstarter.

    Shipped to 23+ countries.

    Why choose a FLASHE gaming glove? 

    Ultimate wrist comfort and increased performance.We created FLASHE knowing that  0.1 seconds can mean the difference between victory and defeat. We exist to give our users increased comfort and performance for years to come. Not much more needs to be said. 

    Invest in performance & comfort

    Compression sleeves have for long been a staple tool used by top athletes looking to improve performance. And guess what, the benefits are far from exclusive to ordinary sports. Increased blood circulation, body temperature, reduced muscle stress and faster recovery are all factors that will help you reach peak mouse performance.

    Take your game to the next level

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