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The perfect combination for performance! Xsleeve® on your mouse arm, and the Standard Gaming Sleeve™ on your keyboard arm.


  • PTFE (teflon) - underside covered with PTFE for reduced friction.
  • More precise and accurate mouse movements.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Polyester fiber - the superior fiber when it comes to compression.
  • Reduced muscle stress.
  • Faster recovery.
  • Better breathability.
  • Ability to regulate body temperature (hot or cold depending on your surroundings).
  • Sweat wicking capabilities.
  • Palm protection.

The patent-pending Xsleeve has been specifically designed and developed to be the ultimate gaming accessory by increasing the user's performance, and reducing repetitive strain injuries.

The underside of the Xsleeve is completely covered with a specially engineered and developed PTFE, also commonly referred to as Teflon, that bends and shapes like your arm. PTFE has the third-lowest friction of any known solid material.  This means that you can slide over your mousepad with ease, and you don’t have to worry about your hand or arm scratching the surface.


Studies show that there are multiple advantages when it comes to compression clothing. Compression mainly increases blood flow, which increases oxygen uptake to the working muscles, reduces lactic acid levels, and regulates the body temperature. The Xsleeve also helps by regulating your body temperature, which is particularly good if you’re playing games and it’s hot or cold in your surroundings.

The Xsleeve has a palm protection, in order to ensure stability, and to make sure that no part of your hand or arm is scratching the surface.

The Xsleeve is designed with flexibility and comfort in mind. If you like gaming with a hoodie or a long sleeve shirt, you can put on a larger size of the Xsleeve, and use it on the outside of your clothes.

About the Standard Gaming Sleeve™

The Flashe Gaming Sleeve™ induces compression which in turn helps with blood circulation, body temperature, reduced muscle stress, and faster recovery. Compression mainly increases bloodflow, which increases oxygen uptake to the working muscles, reduce lactic acid levels, and regulates the body temperature. If lactic acid is not removed from the muscles, it can contribute to soreness and decreased ability to perform. The compression also helps by regulating your body temperature, which is particularly good if you’re playing games and it’s hot or cold in your surroundings. With the Flashe Gaming Sleeve™ you can have a long and healthy gaming career at your peak level.








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How Flashe Started

For as long as he can remember, Oskar "Dodde" Ödmark have played video games. In 2014 he suffered from a shoulder injury related to movement with a computer mouse and took a break from gaming, with rehab training for almost 2 years.

After struggling for so many years with high friction and unstable movement, he wanted to find a solution for the problems that gamers encounter everyday. He then developed the first edition of the Flashe Gaming Glove. For the first time in many years, he didn't feel the stress on the shoulders that he usually would after long hours in front of the computer, and his gameplay was improving drastically. Oskar knew that this was something that could potentially help millions of people around the globe.

With a never ending passion for gaming and everything that surrounds it, Oskar launched Flashe Gaming Group in 2018. The first Kickstarter campaign became an immediate success, and this enabled Flashe Gaming Group to extend their product portfolio. With new innovation and design, they aim to revolutionize the gaming industry in order to facilitate and simplify the users technological experience, while always keeping the ergonomic aspect in mind.

Today, Flashe is one of the biggest supplier in the world when it comes to ergonomic & performance enhancing gaming products.

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Mumtaz K.
United Kingdom
Good arm sleeve

I enjoyed using this wrist rest as the glide I get from it is godly when aiming, It required a bit of adjusting but it was worth.