Gaming Glove™ Original Edition + Standard Sleeve Bundle

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Save 10% when you buy a Sleeve + Original Edition Glove:

  • Improved blood circulation.

  • Polyester fiber - the superior fiber when it comes to compression.

  • Reduced muscle stress.

  • Faster recovery.

  • Better breathability.

  • Ability to regulate moisture.

  • Sweat-wicking capabilities.

  • Extra comfort.

  • Teflon surface for reduced friction.

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About the Gaming Sleeve™

The Flashe Gaming Sleeve™ induces compression which in turn helps with blood circulation, body temperature, reduced muscle stress, and faster recovery. Compression mainly increases bloodflow, which increases oxygen uptake to the working muscles, reduce lactic acid levels, and regulates the body temperature. If lactic acid is not removed from the muscles, it can contribute to soreness and decreased ability to perform. The compression also helps by regulating your body temperature, which is particularly good if you’re playing games and it’s hot or cold in your surroundings. With the Flashe Gaming Sleeve™ you can have a long and healthy gaming career at your peak level.

About the Gaming Glove™ 

The Flashe Gaming Glove™ has 3 key components to elevate your gaming to the next level:

1. Reduced friction for faster and easier movements

It's been known for a long time in the gaming community that the discomfort you encounter with your underarm and wrist against the mousepad is a big problem. Many people in their early 20's suffer from injuries related to using a computer mouse, and perform worse because of the high friction, lack of stability, and the injuries that arise.

With the Flashe Gaming Glove you never have to worry about this problem again. The underside is completely covered with teflon, the same friction reducing material that you usually find on the underside of your computer mouse. This means that you can finally become one with your mouse and move it faster, easier and with more precision than ever before.

2. Optimal angle towards the mouse

Today’s typical use of a computer mouse does not provide you with a healthy angle for the wrist. This leads to poor mouse movement and in turn injuries. 
While looking for ways to solve this problem, we started researching, and observing studies to see what the optimal angle towards a gaming mouse is. Studies show that part of the reason that leads to injuries related to a computer mouse is the angle towards the mouse, and that we should strive to keep a straight arm in relation to the computer mouse. 
To ensure that people using the Flashe Gaming Glove achieves the correct incline towards the mouse, we decided to embedd an incline into the Gaming Glove. The result became an optimal angle towards the mouse, at all times.

3. Rotation support for perfect precision

Never before has something similar to this been presented. Our rotation support will most likely change the way we think and operate with a computer mouse worldwide, not only in gaming, but in general computer usage. 

In gaming, precision is extremely important, and with the present technology; there is no tool to assist precision while playing computer games - until now. 

The rotation support ensures that your link between the Flashe Gaming Glove and the computer mouse is not lost, to ensure a smoother movement, and to allow you to become one with your mouse. Besides that, the rotation support provides you with a controlled movement for perfect precision, and once again, reduced friction, while rotating the mouse.

How Flashe Started

For as long as he can remember, Oskar "Dodde" Ödmark have played video games. In 2014 he suffered from a shoulder injury related to movement with a computer mouse and took a break from gaming, with rehab training for almost 2 years.

After struggling for so many years with high friction and unstable movement, he wanted to find a solution for the problems that gamers encounter everyday. He then developed the first edition of the Flashe Gaming Glove. For the first time in many years, he didn't feel the stress on the shoulders that he usually would after long hours in front of the computer, and his gameplay was improving drastically. Oskar knew that this was something that could potentially help millions of people around the globe.

With a never ending passion for gaming and everything that surrounds it, Oskar launched Flashe Gaming Group in 2018. The first Kickstarter campaign became an immediate success, and this enabled Flashe Gaming Group to extend their product portfolio. With new innovation and design, they aim to revolutionize the gaming industry in order to facilitate and simplify the users technological experience, while always keeping the ergonomic aspect in mind.

Today, Flashe is one of the biggest supplier in the world when it comes to ergonomic & performance enhancing gaming products.

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Luka S.
Croatia Croatia
Sleeve + Glove review

Glove is a little heavy for my liking, I like to play with a lighter mouse aswell but the sleeve is amazing great quality feels well made and has quality materials (I have experienced rashes and skin blemishes from some other sleeves). The glove glides well and it also feels well made it is just not for me. Also I would like to mention glove works well in terms of carpal tunell when using it my wrist feels quite relaxed.

Mareks Ū.
Latvia Latvia
Love it

Best gaming gear ever! My arm doesn't get numb anymore and my arm is stable. By stable I mean I don't flick that much, I can track finally. Because right-hand arm muscle used to twitch which made me flick now it's stable. Literally climbing now in ranked games and landing shots.

Linda G.
United States United States
Works great!

I have carpal tunnel in my right hand, so usually while I'm trying to game, my wrist ends up being in a lot of pain since I don't have much support. Since getting the glove, it's been great having something to help alleviate the strain so I can keep on gaming!

Jeremiah R.
United States United States
I feel like Megaman wearing this thing lol

Overall, I was very happy with the product I received. I will keep it simple with a list of pros and cons. Pros -Definitely improves overall stability of arm/wrist -Putting on and taking off is easy and fast (not referring to finding your sweet spot lol). -Reduces fatigue -Feels like it is one with your arm when wearing properly (I can game for extended periods of time without ever having to take it off because it is becoming uncomfortable, bothersome, etc.) -The gaming sleeve provides a snug compression feeling that for me helps me get warmed up quicker as well as keeps sweat from dripping to my hands and/or forming on my forearm/wrist (during extensive game sessions). Cons **Please do not go by the number of negatives, but instead the significance/severity of the issue** -The flap underneath the wrist pad unfortunately was already somewhat coming off prior to arrival. I fixed this with a small amount of super glue and have not had an issue since, It is not a crucial flaw, but I would definitely look into improving the stiching or method of adhesion. Also, the compression sleeve while great is a bit fragile in my opinion. One day when I was taking off the sleeve it "stretched" a small bit at unfortunately that loosened/tore the stitching by the wrist. I still use the sleeve without any issues (a bit less compression by the wrist, minisucal difference), but I just wanted to touch on it to make you aware. -Finding the correct placement/fitting on your arm. This somewhat comes down to the person's preference, but at the same time you may find yourself questioning how high/low it should be sitting on your arm to not accidentally cause an impingement in movement reducing overall aim. Also, figuring out the correct tightness from the "strings/ropes" can be troublesome sometimes. Believe it or not you can overtighten it to where unknowingly you are applying to much tension to your forearm which causes fatigue very quickly. ** A simple solution to this would maybe be more of a visually direct guideline whether on the product or in a video of ideally where it should be sitting and what range of motion should youj be able to complete comfortabley** -As stated prior, it definitely becomes one with your arm which is great for gaming, but if you are playing a game that requires typing you will find it quite difficult to try and maneuever that arm to be able to type lol.

Andrey M.
Russia Russia
I haven't received the package yet. Write the track number

I haven't received the package yet. Write the track number

Flashe Gaming Group

Hello Andrey, Please email us at: If we write your tracking-number here, your personal information will be visible to everyone, and we can't do that. Thanks!