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Esports Performance Mousepad (Pre-order)



  • 120x60cm
  • Premium cloth surface specifically designed for Esports and effortless glide.
  • Optimized for high precision DPI-tracking.
  • Non-slip rubber base on the underside.
  • Non-stitched edges for a perfect glide on the entire surface.
  • Made to perfectly match PTFE (the underside of computer mice, Xsleeve & the Gaming Glove).
  • High quality materials.

Premium cloth surface

We have been developing the perfect cloth surface for Esports. To be able to find effortless glide, without compromising performance. To find a material that matches perfectly with PTFE, without compromising performance. The result is a cloth on our Esports mousepad, like no other. 

Optimized for high precision DPI-tracking

Precision is extremely important in Esports. Many people don't know that the surface under their computer mouse affects the performance of the sensor tracking. Our cloth has been specifically designed to track movements with the best precision, while also making the movements effortless.

Non-slip rubber base 

A key aspect of any mousepad is to have stable base. That is why our Esports mousepad is completely covered with a rubber base on the underside. This is to ensure that any type of movement does not affect your gameplay's performance negatively.

Non-stitched edges

Many mousepads have stitched edges. This creates many different problems when it comes to Esports. The edges will scratch, and also inhibit you from moving freely. Our Esports mousepad does not have any stitched edges, which means that you can move freely without any scratching on the entire surface.

Perfect match for PTFE

Almost all computer mice have PTFE on the underside. When designing our Esports mousepad, we made sure to find a surface that matches perfectly with PTFE, while also fulfilling all the other important criteria for Esports performance.

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